New Window Treatments - Blackwood NJ

New Window Treatments - Blackwood NJ

This is going to be a little ... crazy?  Four rooms.  Nine window treatments.  Five fabrics.  One price.  And keep it short (no design-ish chatter).  Every window on the first floor except over the kitchen sink (it was very small).

After far too long, she was ready for window treatments.  Floor done.  Counter tops done.  Windows and interior trim done.  Time to sweep up the dust, take down the sheets and live in a home instead of a construction zone!

So, let's start at the end.  This is what she said about her window treatments after we hung them:

I am taking a short break from cooking and chopping to tell you I am so THRILLED with the window decor. I couldn’t have done it without your help! You did such a wonderful job narrowing the choices of fabrics for me. Everything looks so wonderful. We had gotten shades from somewhere else originally, but the ones that we have now are so superior! I also get a great deal of pleasure opening and closing the drapes and shades at night. It is such a simple thing, but I still enjoy it.
— Dierdre

What She Was Seeing

Fabrics She Selected

Types and Sizes

Dining Room

Tab Top Drapery Panels - 96" width 100" length

Living Room

Tab Top Drapery Panels 96" width 98" length

Relaxed Roman Shade 61" width 57" length

Family Room

Tab Top Drapery Panels (sliding door) 96" width 85" length

Front Fold Roman Shades (bay window) 2 at 21" width 56" length, 1 at 34" width 56" length

Front Fold Roman Shade (double window) 71" width 57" length

Powder Room

Front Fold Roman Shade 21" width 33" length

The Window Treatment Price?

To provide and install the nine custom window treatments cost $7669.

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