Church Kneeling Pad Reupholstery New Jersey

Reupholstering Church Kneeling Cushions in New Jersey


Worn kneeling pads to re-upholster

The kneeling pads on the pews of a southern New Jersey church showed their age.  Cleaning the pilled fabric was frustrating.  And the original foam gave little cushioning - almost like kneeling on a bare board.  270 bare boards.

Planning to replace the floor tiles, the church decided to take advantage of the disruption and reupholster the worn kneeler cushions at the same time.  The project spanned five weeks, with us lagging the floor installer by one week.


Removing worn kneeler pads to reupholster

A crew arrived Monday morning to move the pews off a quarter of the floor.  The flooring crew worked until Friday afternoon replacing that section of floor.  And the pew crew installed the pews back on the new floor.  

The following Monday while the pews on the next section were being removed, we came in to remove the pads from the first section.  That Friday we installed the reupholstered pads on the first section while the second section of pews were being installed on that section of floor.

Installing re-upholstered pads in the pews.

And so it went.  Monday out.  Friday back.  The church held full services throughout.

Measuring all the pads in advance really paid off.  We had all the new foam pieces pre-cut.  And the widths of the new vinyl fabric (by United Fabrics) cut on the roll.  So four days to reupholster each section of pads was not a stretch.


Lagging by a week, we were the last ones out on the fifth Friday.

The upholstery squad happily rested their wrists.  The field crew happily rested their backs and knees.

As we packed up after installing the last section, one of the church administrators joked with us, "You fellas have done more kneeling in church over the last month than our congregation does in a year!"

Amen to that!

And the Cost?

The re-covered kneeling pads cost $77.85 each.  Including 110 yards of fabric, new foam, re-upholstery, removal and installation.

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