Easy Process to Get Your Furniture Re-Upholstered

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  • Get A Labor Estimate

Simply email a photo of your piece and the room it is in to jhconklin@comcast.net.  We will get back to you quickly with an upholstery labor estimate.  Or you can call us at 800-889-8858 and we can have a chat about your furniture. 

  • Get Started With Fabric

With a little direction from you in the way of color, pattern and budget, we will send a variety of durable fabric possibilities to your door.  Upholstery Fabric →

  • Local Pick Up and Delivery

Pick-up and delivery provided at no charge locally every other Thursday and Friday.  We schedule two hour appointment windows so you can plan your day.  Local Area →


Having Your Furniture Re-Upholstered

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You will find a lot of upholstery information on our website.  Sometimes the information alone doesn't really paint a picture of the process of having furniture reupholstered - of what to expect - from us at least.  So, a road map, a look ahead that ties the information together.

Get Basic Information

Does recovering my furniture make sense?  Is it expensive?  Before jumping in too far, sometimes you just want a general idea.

Three common questions about furniture reupholstery ...

  1. Is re-upholstering my furniture worth it? (Read an article: Is My Furniture Worth Re-Upholstering →)
  2. Can I get some idea about the upholstery cost?  Right now?  (See the Upholstery Price Guide →)
  3. What are other people doing?  (See Project Photos →)

Get Specific With Your Furniture Project

Maybe you have decided hands-down to re-upholster your sofa or are generally still encouraged, but want to get more specific.   The best way to know is to engage in a conversation - even if it is e-mail.  We get that.  So, here's a quick and easy way to get specific.

Upholstery Quote →

About 25% of the people that use our Upholstery Quote offering (or who call to get more specific) never go any further than that.  Which is fine.  They learned what they needed.

Find upholstery fabric in south New Jersey

Find The Right Upholstery Fabric

Deciding to press further, you spoke with us about your furniture and sent some photos.   We gave you a labor cost for reupholstering your furniture and a sense of how much fabric would be needed to re-cover it.

Although we talked about fabric and you know that you can browse through our fabric vendors' online offerings, the idea of wading through color, texture, pattern and durability options has you a little intimidated.   Quite a few people get wobbly in the face of all the remaining options.

Help Finding The Right Upholstery Fabric→

I Found An Awesome Fabric!  Now What?

By this point you will know the cost of everything: upholstery labor, fabric, and anything else - cushions, foundation work, trimmings, etc.  And we have a pretty good idea of your project.

If you give us the nod, we'll schedule a pick up with you.  We bunch them together into full-day outings, so there is no specific cost for pick up and delivery.

More importantly, we will review your project so we're all on the same page.  And check out your furniture.  No surprises, you know?  Springs hanging down behind the skirt aren't supposed to do that.  For example.

How Long Will It Take To Recover My Furniture?

And we get to work!  Fabric ordered.  Taking the old fabric off.  Tying up loose springs.  Measuring.  Sewing.

We try to get your furniture done within four weeks.  Sometimes things blow up - like six giant sofas coming in all at once rather than the usual mixture of big and small items.  Generally, chair seats and smaller items finish quickly.

If you have a special need, give us a shout - we'll try to accommodate.

And When My Furniture Is Done?

We will deliver it back to you.  Again, scheduling a time.  Chair seats will get screwed back in place, cushions placed, pillows plumped and skirts straightened.  Then, please:  sit, lounge, flop, flounce.

If all is well, we accept payment by check or cash.  Any reasonable fabric remnants are delivered as well.  And your 10 year warranty begins.

Some Recent Upholstery Questions and Answers

Upholster camel back sofa Woodstown NJ

Upholster camel back sofa Woodstown NJ

QUESTION: Hello. I am interested in having an old couch reupholstered. I live in the Woodstown, NJ area. Here are a few pictures of the piece. Please let me know about cost and how to proceed from here. Thank you

REPLY: Thank you for your inquiry. That is a lovely vintage sofa! It looks to be structurally sound. With that in mind, the labor cost to reupholster would fall around $1180. Plus estimate between 12 and 15 yards of fabric depending on pattern. The 3 seat cushions do appear flattened out and should probably be replaced. There are options there as well. Regarding fabric, to access the fabric houses we represent, just click on our fabric pages. You are welcome to search for and compile a list of anything you would like to see, and I will have samples sent to your door. Enjoy your evening!

Arm chair to re-upholster Cherry Hill, NJ

Arm chair to re-upholster Cherry Hill, NJ

QUESTION: Hi. I live in Cherry Hill, NJ and was hoping to get an estimate on how much it would cost to recover this chair.  I put a 10 inch book up against it for reference, but it is about 3 ft by 2 ft.  Thanks!

REPLY: Nice vintage chair!  If your intention is to restore with the box pleat skirt, the labor estimate would be $780.  Plus fabric.  Without a skirt the labor estimate would be $680.  The chair would require from 6 to 8 yards of fabric depending on the size of the pattern.  Pick up and delivery is provided every other Thursday and Friday.  Contact me with any further questions or to chat about fabric options.  Enjoy your day!

Tufted chair reupholstery Mullica Hill, NJ

Tufted chair reupholstery Mullica Hill, NJ

QUESTION: I am interested in having two chairs reupholstered. We live in Mullica Hill and could drop the chairs to you or make them available for pickup.
I would like them covered in a solid color, maybe a velvet or something textured and of similar weight. The fabric would need to work with the painting and table in the photo they are surrounding in the last picture.
Please let me know if you are able to provide a rough estimate of the cost for this project. Thank you.

REPLY: Your tufted chairs have a very pleasing shape. They look to be fairly straight forward. So... with that in mind the labor estimate for each would be $580.00 plus fabric.  I would estimate about 4 to 5 yards each.  Pick up and delivery is provided every other Thursday and Friday.  You have access to all of our fabric libraries and I can help you narrow down to some suitable fabric prospects.  I hope this is helpful.  Please contact me with any questions or fabric request.

Upholster a sectional sleeper sofa in Delaware

Upholster a sectional sleeper sofa in Delaware

QUESTION: Interesting in reupholstering this sofa bed sectional located near Wilmington, DE.  The piece is in good shape and needs minimal repair/reconditioning... Mainly just interested in updating the look to something more contemporary and durable (beach theme... likely cream colored canvas/denim/linen like fabrics). Can you provide an approximate price range?

REPLY: Your sectional does look to be in good condition. The labor estimate would be about $2600. 35 to 45 yards of fabric would be needed. There are endless choices of beautiful performance fabrics available for high traffic pieces like your sectional, impervious to common stains and soiling.  You are welcome to peruse our on-line fabric library, compile a list of any you would like to see and I will have samples sent to your door. As well I am happy to search and send some options based on your pattern and color wishes. Pick up and delivery is provided. Enjoy your weekend! 

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Our general service area includes: Gloucester County, Camden County, Burlington County, Cape May County, Atlantic County, Cumberland County, Salem County, New Castle County.  Also Chester County, Delaware County, Philadelphia and Montgomery County in Pennsylvania.  So if you are in the area and have been searching for a local upholsterer or an upholstery shop near me, give us a shout!  #NJupholstery