How Much Does it Cost to Reupholster A Sectional Sofa

We've had a few calls recently from folks trying to get an idea of the price to recover their sectional sofas.  Our Upholstery Price Guide gives a typical range of cost from $2800 to $3200.  But they didn't know where their sofa might fall in that range - or if their sectional was even 'typical'.

I guess the guide wasn't guide-ful enough for their purposes.  So, here are some examples from our prior projects that may help illustrate the price range ... and beyond!

Examples of Sectional Sofa Reupholstery Costs

Upholstery Labor Cost Summary of Sectional Sofas

  • Small (3 short sections): $2,860
  • Medium (2 longer sections): $2,280
  • Large: (5 sections, recliners): $3,150
  • Very Large: (9 sections): $5,100

Generally, the number of sections influences the cost more than the simple length of the sofa.

Smaller Sectional Couch

smaller sectional reupholstery cost

This is a typical smaller sectional we reupholstered from a Pennsylvania educational institution. 

It has a corner unit and two extension units.  Six seat and back cushions.  The robust fabric was from Kravet, of which 35 yards was needed.  It had a minimal repeat, keeping the yardage minimal.

The reupholstery labor price for this smaller sectional sofa was $2,860.  Right in line with the lower range cost on our guide.

Medium or Average Sized Sectional

This sectional couch from Egg Harbor, NJ would be considered 'average' or 'typical'.  With six seat cushions and seven back cushions with no reclining or chaise sections

average sectional sofa reupholstery cost

They picked a textured chenille solid by Greenhouse.   It was 100% polyester with an acrylic backing for stability.  At 150,000 double rubs it was definitely 'performance' (read about fabric durability).  The synthetic fiber of the fabric was less stain prone than a natural fiber, but they opted for the additional stain resistance of Nanotex protective treatment.

The reupholstery labor cost for this medium sized sectional was $2,280. The two-part design kept the price lower.

Larger Sectional Sofa

price large sectional upholstery cost

This is a larger sectional from a Delaware home - with some twists.  It has five sections.  Corner, two ends, a single seat extension and a double seat extension.  The twist comes in where the two end units are recliners and the two-seat section is a sleeper.

The fabric was by United Fabrics and we specified that 45 yards were required.  Why so much?  Five sections, each needing its ends upholstered and seven seat and back cushions gobbled up the fabric.  It, too, had a minimal repeat so the usage was very efficient.  Oh!  They were also concerned about stains, so we had the fabric treated with Nanotex

The labor price to upholster this larger, more involved, sectional was $3,150 - also holding within the range listed in our cost guide.

Very Large Residential Sectional Sofa

The largest residential sectional we've ever worked on came from Ventnor, New Jersey.  It had eleven back cushions and nine seat cushions.  Nine sections total spanning the entirety of a large family room.  I seem to recall them saying that 15 people could sit in it - easily.

very large sectional upholster cost nj

Two fabrics came into play - one for the back and deck, another for the cushions.  The back fabric was a reconstituted leather by Charlotte.  Thirty-two yards just made it.  The cushion and inside body fabric was by Barrow - which we also had treated with Nanotex and Durablock for maximum spill protection.  Ready?  Sixty yards.  Two yards were left on the roll at the end.  Whew.

The reupholstery labor cost for this super-sectional sofa was $5,100.  Without precedent, way off our charts.  But how do you chart for something like this?

I hope this sheds some light on the factors that play upon the upholstery costs for sectional sofas.  These examples exclude the costs of the fabrics - which vary by selection.  As ever, the best way to get specific about any project is to reach out to us.

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