Salon Chair Seats Re-Covered New Jersey

Reupholster Salon Chairs in New Jersey

Get worn salon chairs re-upholstered or recovered.

It was beyond time to do something about the seats on their salon chairs. 

The original vinyl fabric on the salon chairs had cracked and separated where a decorative pattern had been pressed.  And the vinyl was stiff and 'crunchy'.

The salon owners wanted a quick solution that didn't involve buying new chairs.

We gave them a reupholstery quote for a quick turn-around that they liked.

Salon chair vinyl United Fabrics AM-42

Salon chair vinyl United Fabrics AM-42

Then sent an array of vinyl samples so they could match the backs which they did not want to recover.

A vinyl from United Fabrics with a chemical resistant surface treatment looked good.  We got the fabric shipped and called to arrange a time to pick up the chair seats.

We went in on a Saturday afternoon just after the salon closed for the weekend.

And scheduled to return the seats on the following Tuesday morning before their first appointment.

Salon Chair Upholstery Cost

Reupholstered hair salon chairs New Jersey - removal and installation

The first few chairs were re-assembled before the first client came into the salon.

With a fair number of bolts to align and tighten on each chair, installation of the reupholstered seats ran a little long.

The cost to recover the six sewn fit salon chairs was:

  • Chair seat reupholstery labor: $98 each / $588 for six
  • 4 yards vinyl fabric and shipping: $194
  • Total salon chair reupholstery price: $782

The owner thought the seats were great.  And the lead stylist plopped down in her station chair right away and announced "It doesn't grab my yoga pants anymore!"

Reupholster or recover salon chair seats in New Jersey

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