Protect Upholstery Fabric from Spills and Stains

It happens.  You settle into your newly upholstered sofa with a glass of wine to relax at the end of a busy day.  Sensing your mood, the dog sneaks up and nudges your elbow.  And the wine spills.  On your clothes.  On your lovely new linen texture fabric. 

A disaster?  Maybe for your clothes, definitely for the wasted wine.  Not for your upholstery!

Here are three great options to protect your new fabric from pets, kids and life's messes.

Alta - Fabric Treatment to Resist Spills and Stains

We are all familiar with some of the long-standing stain repellant treatments for fabric such as Scotchguard and Teflon. 

Alta is a new generation treatment that works much better.  And which is permanent to the fabric - a feature that Scotchguard lacks.  It also doesn't change the feel of the fabric  - unlike Teflon. 

Alta stain protection for upholstery fabric

The Alta treatment is so effective at preventing fabric stains from dirt and spills such as coffee, soda, wine, ketchup (do you spill ketchup on your furniture?), salad dressing and urine that it is one of the few fabric stain release treatments we suggest.

Several fabric houses such as Kravet, Duralee and Fabricut offer fabric collections that are pre-treated with the Alta stain release treatment.  They and others also offer the treatment on a per-order basis for most of their fabrics not already treated.

Stain protection for most upholstery fabrics

We are so impressed by the performance of the Alta treatment that we opened a relationship with a treatment facility (Applied Textiles) so we could offer the treatment to you on almost any fabric from any source.  We've seen it work and just had to get it.

So, what about that nasty wine spill?  It blots up.  I turned the lights up so you could see.  #NJupholstery

Easy clean up of common spills and stains on upholstery fabric

Crypton - Protection Built into the Fabric

Crypton is has a great reputation for providing spill and stain protection.

Crypton fabrics have stain protection built into the fabric when it is milled.  The advantage is that they don't need a secondary treatment - such as Alta, GreenGuard or Nanotex.  

Crypton Fabric is a specially engineered fabric system that delivers superior performance from stains and spills. Each fiber of Crypton Fabric is encapsulated with a patented technology through an immersion process, so it never breaks down its resistance to stains, moisture, mildew and odors. The impenetrable moisture barrier protects the fabric from spills, keeping stains from setting in the foam of the cushions.

Several of our fabric houses offer Crypton fabrics - some with exclusive patterns.

United Fabrics (a New Jersey supplier) adopted the Crypton technology quickly.  See their line of protected fabrics by clicking: United Fabrics Crypton.

Duralee offers Crypton fabric in several styles as well:  wovens, textures and solids.  See their woven collection by clicking: Duralee Crypton Wovens Vol 1.

Crypton upholstery fabric in New Jersey   

Revolution - Fibers that Will Not Hold Stains

Revolution Fabrics recently emerged in the upholstery fabric industry.

Their answer to staining is to produce fabrics from a material that will not allow stains to attach to the fiber - making them inherently cleanable.  Known as Olefin (polypropylene) - the stuff of poly fleece and water bottles.

The fibers are solution dyed for color (the color is part of the fiber) making these fabrics cleanable with water and bleach.  And resistant to sunlight.  

Oh, and they use upcycled polypropylene for a Green Certification.  Also oh, the fibers and the fabric are made in the USA.

As a synthetic fabric, Revolution fabrics are also rather durable.  Averaging between 15,000 to 30,000 double rubs (learn about fabric durability).

Greenhouse Fabrics has adopted the Revolution solution and has several collections with some exclusive designs based on that technology: click to see Greenhouse Revolution Performance Home NJ.

Revolution stain resistant fabric New Jersey

Choosing A Stain Resistant Fabric Option

With three solid options for stain resistant fabrics, how do you choose which option is right for you?  Here are our suggestions.

Stain Protection Is More Important Than Design

Where resistance to stains and spills from pets, kids and other accidents is of utmost importance ask about the Revolution fabrics first, then the Crypton fabrics.  Your design choices are limited by the styles produced within the stain resistance technology.

Stain Protection and Design are Equally Important

Look at the Revolution fabrics, if none are suitable ask about Crypton fabrics - they have a more broad array of styles and patterns.  If the Crypton style choices are too limited, Nanotex has you protected

Design is most Important - Stain Resistance is a Plus

Pick almost any fabric - including those with silk content.  As long as you need 5 yards or more, the Nanotex after-market treatment protects your fabric - without any compromises!  Choose your design and it is protected, affordably.

Furniture Upholstery Projects with Protected Fabric