How Much Does Furniture Reupholstery Cost?

Furniture Upholstery Price and Fabric Yardage Guide

This is an upholstery cost guide for some typical upholstered furniture.  Re-upholstery prices often contain two elements - the labor portion and the fabric portion.  Please note that we have not included the cost of the fabric.  Fabrics vary in price and fabric selection is specific to each person's taste and budget. 

These prices show typical upholstery labor costs.  And an idea of how much fabric might be required to recover each type of furniture. (Scroll down for some fully detailed project prices)

Upholstery prices are affected by a few details such as:

  • The degree of upholstery (completely upholstered or with wood frame
  • Styles such as buttons, tufts, channels, and pleats
  • The quality of the existing padding and springing (foundation)
  • Finish treatments such as decorative nails or fringes and bullion.

(Read more about how the details influence reupholstery prices)

Contact us with your specifics.

Fabric Patterns Affect Fabric Yardages

The yardage amounts listed above are typical minimums for your planning.  They are based upon a solid fabric or a mini pattern that requires little cutting to align the pattern across the furniture.  Aligning and centering the fabric patterns requires additional fabric yardage.  Here is a guide based upon the fabric repeat (pattern) size:

  • 3" to 14" repeat - add 10%
  • 15" to 19" repeat - add 15%
  • 20" to 27" repeat - add 20%
  • 28" to 36" repeat - add 25%
  • 37" to 43" repeat - add 30%
  • 44" to 51" repeat - add 35%
  This fabric has a 17" horizontal repeat

This fabric has a 17" horizontal repeat

Please note that upholstery labor rates vary by region.  These typical reupholstery costs are for the New Jersey, Philadelphia, Delaware area and may not be representative of upholstery labor costs in your area.  #NJupholstery

Actual New Jersey Furniture Upholstery Project Prices