How Much Will It Cost to Restore My Furniture?

Three Ways To Get a Re-Upholstery or Refinishing Quote


1. Call Us

800-889-8858 or 856-339-9766.  We will ask you some questions.  You will give us some descriptions and information.  We'll get to know one another.  We will give you a price based upon what we understand.

2. Email Us - send pictures


This is very useful - you can reach out at any time. 

It is also very helpful because you can attach pictures of your furniture in your email. 

Pictures let us get very precise.  If you are sending pictures, the most useful are ones are taken diagonally from a corner of the furniture showing the length and depth (like the one over there →).  Include any other information about the condition and your intentions that seem important.  We will get back to you with a labor price (and an estimate of the yardage of material required if you are reupholstering).

3. Fill Out This Form


We will get back to you!