Sectional Sofa Upholstery Cost - Delaware

Sectional Sofa Reupholstery Price- Delaware

Get-a-way Makeover in Millsboro DE

Here's the context.  A busy DC area couple owned a waterfront cottage in a quiet Delaware village.  It was their weekend get-away spot for years.  It was to be their retirement home - soon.  Cabinets changed.  Deck built.  Rugs to be replaced - once the dang sectional sofa got out of the way!


The sectional sofa was medium sized as sectionals go.  With a twist.  The two end units were recliners.  And the double center section served as a pull out sleeper.  Five sections in all.

The original fabric was 14 years old, but showed well despite some fraying at the seams.  Less tolerable was the dark color - absorbing the light in the room.


They picked a robust oatmeal colored fabric from United Fabrics with a linen look and 100% synthetic fibers for outstanding durability.  Nanotex protective treatment for stain resistance.

The sectional needed 45 yards of fabric.  Why so much?  The five sections each needed their ends upholstered.  And the 7 seat and back cushions chewed up the yardage. 

And the Price?

The re-upholstery labor for this sectional sofa cost $2600.

The 45 yards of fabric cost $1296

Pick up and delivery to Millsboro, Delaware included.

Family Room Seating Middletown DE

This sleeper sectional with a chaise end seated the whole family with some room to spare.  Soiled and fraying, the lightweight damask and stripe fabric didn't fit the fresh atmosphere of the new home.  And the color was off.



They picked a polyester velvet fabric from Charlotte Fabrics in a frothy neutral grey color.  We ordered 44 yards - and it took every bit!  The velvet shimmers in the bright room and the color fits better on the floor.

The Upholstery Cost

Charlotte fabrics velvet fabric 10150-13

The labor cost to recover this sectional sofa was $2,500.

The 44 yards of velvet fabric cost $1,668.

They were having a party to celebrate their new home in Middletown, DE, so we got the work done in just over two weeks.  They had lots of seating for the party!