Sofa Upholstery Cost Washington Twp NJ

Sofa Upholstery Cost Washington Twp NJ

A Washington Twp, NJ couple wanted to keep this Victorian style sofa.  It passed down through their family.  But, the traditional look of the couch didn't fit their lifestyle and decor.  They wanted to contrast the traditional style frame against more contemporary elements.

The failed upholstery deck was the first stage in the makeover.  Sitting in the sofa brought your knees to your chin.  And left a pile of dust on the floor.

After removing the old fabric, we rebuilt the seat foundation.  Removed all the old springs and webbing.  Attached new webbing, anchored and tied the springs, covered the springs with burlap to support the new deck padding and structure.

The three original seat cushions were awkward.  Butts tended to slide into the gaps.  And the cushion edges made for uncomfortable lounging.  Comfortable lounging while reading figured high on the makeover list.  Replacing them with a single foam core down-wrapped cushion eliminated the gaps.  And boosted the lounge appeal.

Couch After Reupholstery

(some people say sofa, some people say couch)

Kravet Geddes Nickel upholstery fabric

The silver-grey fabric by Kravet (Geddes Nickel) gave a contemporary twist to this traditional sofa frame.  The heavy linen texture with a slight stria balanced simplicity with presence.  

Using a shop-made flat tape of the same fabric under the nails extended the contemporary theme. 

The Costs to Re-Upholster this Sofa

  • Upholstery labor price: $1,380
  • Foundation rebuild: $300
  • Custom foam core down-wrap cushion: $281
  • Kravet Geddes Nickel 12 yards: $891
  • Total sofa makeover price: $2,852

Pick up and delivery included.

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