Kitchen Bench Cushions - Sewell NJ

Custom Bench Cushions - Sewell NJ

Remodeling work in this Sewll, NJ kitchen included a bench seat built into a half wall to cut down on chair clutter.  But the loose cushions intended to soften the hard seat and wall kept sliding off.  The family stopped using the bench.  Chair clutter returned.  The bench became a low shelf.  Double clutter.

Custom upholstered bench seat cushions in Sewell, New Jersey

Attached cushions became the solution.  After measuring and checking the angles, we cut the plywood bases that would support the upholstery.  The family thought that the tufted back would offset the "bus station" look of a flat 91 inch expanse of fabric.  Two inch medium density foam with a Dacron topper provided cushioning.

Nytek Satchel Chocolate performance vinyl substitute fabric.

They wanted a fabric to withstand active children and messy parties.  We suggested Nytek for resistance to liquids, punctures and tears.  They picked a leather-like pattern: Satchel Chocolate.  It mirrored the rich tones of the table.

We attached the seat and back to the bench and wall.  No sliding.  And a great look!


The Price?

Upholstery labor, wood, foam, fabrication and installation cost $1080.

5 yards of Nytek performance vinyl substitute cost $310.

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