Upholstered Arm Chairs Haddonfield NJ

Upholstered Arm Chairs Haddonfield NJ

Two upholstery projects delivered on the same day to Haddonfield, NJ.  Both were upholstered arm chairs.  One had a skirt and an ottoman.

They both sported new stripe fabric patterns.

Upholstered Arm Chairs Before

They both reached out to us via email.  With photos.

"I have a chair and ottoman that is currently covered with floral cotton.  I need to find a fabric that ties in with the existing decor but need a more durable fabric as it seems to be everyone's favorite chair.  And the thin cotton fabric is not holding up very well at all."

"In the next few weeks, I will be acquiring a 50+ year old armchair that needs to be reupholstered.  I am attaching two photos - one of my sofa and one of another armchair in the living room.  Could you suggest some fabric to complement the furniture already in the room?"

Haddonfield upholstery before

Well, not only the thin fabric going threadbare!  The chair disappeared into the rug!  A floral pattern chair on a floral pattern rug in similar colors.  Where IS that chair?

Arm chair to be upholstered Haddonfield NJ

What?  Your room can't handle an aqua colored fabric?  More seriously, it is hard to imagine a furniture manufacturer using this as a stock fabric.  Maybe it was re-upholstered before.

Finding the Right Fabric

She had searched our fabric house offerings online finding some promising options.  We gave her a heads-up:

"I sent most of the samples you requested, some were discontinued.  I also sent some options that might work, some stripes and mini patterns.  26 total from different houses. Have fun!"

Kasmir upholstery fabric in New Jersey

She selected a fabric from Kasmir Fabrics.  The pattern Provost color Onyx.  Made with polyester and Rayon, it rates as a heavy duty fabric.  The repeat is 7 inches.  Nanotex stain protection.

She had sent us photos of other furniture in the room and we began mailing suitable samples.  She kept us in the loop:

"I received two packets of sample fabric yesterday.  It's fun to open the packages and see what you hand picked for me.  I'll be in touch once I've received all of them.  Thanks for taking care of this."

Greenhouse upholstery fabric in New Jersey

A fabric from Greenhouse got her approval.  The pattern 73421 color Cornflower.  A cotton/poly blend, it rates as a medium duty fabric.  The repeat is 9 inches.

Arm Chairs After Upholstering

Haddonfield upholstery after
Reupholstered arm chair Haddonfield NJ

Cost to Upholster These Arm Chairs

  • Upholstery labor chair: $760
  • Upholstery labor ottoman: $280
  • Fabric 14 yards: $554
  • Total upholstery price: $1594
  • Upholstery labor: $680
  • Fabric 8 yards: $303
  • Total upholstery price: $983

Pick up and delivery included.

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