Sofa Upholstery Cost Woodstown NJ

Sofa Upholstery Cost Woodstown NJ

Anticipating completion of a face lift project of their living room, this Woodstown NJ family decided to use the grandparent's camel back sofa that had passed down to them.  

But it needed some help.  Faded fabric and collapsed cushions kept the sofa tucked out of sight in a spare bedroom.

Camel Back Couch Before Upholstery

(some people say sofa, some people say couch)

Camel back sofa before the new upholstery

Struggling the sofa out of the bedroom devolved into a wrestling match with the sofa turned on its end to get around the door into a narrow hall. 

It got in the bedroom through a sliding door to a deck.  Which was currently covered in snow and ice - not good for carrying furniture.  So, it was the hallway.

Robert Allen upholstery fabric NJ

Selecting a fabric for the upholstery became a collaborative project.  We left some sample books.  They picked a fabric.  It cost $160 dollars a yard!  Ouch!  They dug a little deeper and reached out for some help:

"I took a look at the fabric websites but I'm honestly overwhelmed.  Hopefully you can help.  I would like to do something either similar to the patter currently on the sofa but in some sort of tan/brown color or a traditional look maybe stripes.  Any help you can provide would be appreciated."

We sent virtual and physical fabric samples based on their initial choices.  

From those, they picked a Robert Allen upholstery fabric pattern Gyllenhaal color Steel.  It featured a 13 x 17 pattern repeat.  Railroaded for efficient use on wide surfaces. (More about railroaded fabric)

The Sofa After Re-Upholstery

We returned the reupholstered sofa on a rainy day.  The living room makeover had lingered.  So, back to the spare bedroom again.  The path to the deck was mud.  So the hallway.  Again.

Camel back sofa after reupholstery

The moment we put the cushions on the sofa, the family dog pushed through - seeking to jump on the sofa.  Test out a new bed.  We got a quick photo before draping bed sheets over the new fabric.  The dog was just as happy with them.

The Cost to Upholster this Camel Back Sofa

  • Upholstery labor: $1180
  • Minor touch-up and wood polishing: $0
  • New outer wrap on the down cushions: $0
  • Upholstery fabric 17 yards: $1275
  • Total sofa upholstery price: $2455

Pick up and delivery included.

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