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Enchanting Color Fabric Collection from Robert Allen

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Robert Allen presents Enchanted Color, a new collection inspired by the moody, ephemeral hues of a moonlit forest as it transitions from autumn to winter. Anchored by the soft, deep hues of Moss, Blush, Blue Pine and Twilight, mimicking the colors found in lichen, seedpods, branches, fallen leaves and other organic material that collect on a forest floor. Nubby bark, slick foliage and glistening pine needles are the inspiration for an exciting range of textured patterns.
— Robert Allen Design

That's what Robert Allen says.  We say this collection is easy to live with and fits into many decorating themes.  Large scales for a sofa or textures for accent, this fabric group is furniture and decorating friendly!

Robert Allen enchanting Moss NJ#NJupholstery


Inspired by the rich, complex green found in the soft velvety growth of an ancient forest, Moss is an evocative hue with classic appeal. Consider it forest green’s ultra cool cousin. Part of the Enchanted Color collection, Moss creates a moody, tonal vibe when mixed with deep colors like cocoa brown and slate gray or serves as a calming counterpoint to exuberant hues like tangerine orange and azalea pink.

Robert Allen enchanting Blush nj #NJupholstery


It’s the shade of budding rose petals, soft candlelight and Himalayan sea salt. Blush, in all its rose quartz glory, is not too sweet, and not too serious. In fact, this taupe-toned pink, part of our new Enchanting Color library, functions like a neutral. Pair it with its bold cousin, fuchsia, or with fellow subtle colors like gray or lilac.

Robert Allen Enchanting blue pine nj #NJupholstery

Blue Pine

It’s the color of evergreen-clad hills shrouded in mist, or a deep clear lake high up in the mountains. Blue Pine is a poignant new hue from Robert Allen’s Enchanting Color collection. Similar to peacock, only darker and with more complexity, this serene hue with modern underpinnings can be used in large swathes to generate a sublime backdrop for vivid colors and earth tones alike.

Robert Allen enchanting Twilight NJ #NJupholstery


It’s the color of a moonlit sky at dawn, and the last hint of light in the ether long after the sun has set. Twilight, an enigmatic new hue from our Enchanting Color collection, appears gray in some light, and soft blue in others. The result is a restful hue with intrigue that pairs well with a range of colors: crisp whites, brilliant yellows, and dark indigo elements.

I hope you found these fabrics as restful, quietly inspiring and enchanting as we have.  Questions and pricing?  Contact us for easy answers.

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