Furniture Upholstery Service Cumberland County NJ

Cumberland County is a spread out place.  Not many furniture upholsterers call it home.  Not many folks know that we drive to (and through) Cumberland County regularly.  It is in our service area, meaning that pick-up and delivery are no-charge.

If you have any questions about your furniture project, feel free to contact us.

Here are some of the upholstery and refinishing projects we've done for people in the county.  (The bench cushion above was in Deerfield Twp)

Vineland Dining Table

refinished dining table Vineland NJ

refinished dining table Vineland NJ

The top of this dining table had water and heat damage.  The finish was cloudy in a few spots and had cracks.  It needed to be refinished.

The challenge was that a new finish had to match with the rest of the set.  Which had a washed white tone over the oak wood.
It took us a few trials to get the wash tone just right - pure white was too white.

With a nice build of new Valspar lacquer, this dining table top will serve the family for many years!


Goose Neck Rockers Reupholstered in Vineland

Torn fabric, sagging cushions and loose arms prompted a call to re-cover a pair of goose neck rockers. 

Upholstered once before, they had been in three generations of the family's homes.

We re-styled the seat cushions a little to keep an inviting look, fixed the arm situation and decided that new fabric wouldn't go well with the gummy finish.

Ann picked a contemporary fabric that brought the chairs into today.  She (and we) were thrilled with the result.

Here is a very nice thing she had to say on our Facebook page

Good Upholsterers are hard to come by. Reliable and professional ones are almost unheard of - at least in my experience. I have now found my go to upholsterer and I couldn’t be happier. My grandparent’s gooseneck chairs were returned to me in better condition than I even asked for. Gelise was so accomodating and I never had such a careful and courteous delivery of furniture. The warranty on their workmanship was just icing on the cake, but I’m not expecting that I’ll ever have to use it.
— Anne from Vineland, NJ

You may have been searching for furniture refinishers or upholstery in or serving the Cumberland County area.  Here is a list of some other local shops in the county:

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