Slouch Roman Shades Made for your New Jersey Home

dog ear roman shade new jersey

The slouch Roman shade is a soft shade with permanent round folds at the bottom.  Similar to the relaxed style, they feature a center 'swoop' or 'smile'.  Different from the relaxed style, the lift lines are set in from the edges of the swoop to create folds or 'ears' at the outer edges of the shade. 

Slouch Romans are also called 'dog-ear' shades for that reason.  Some people call them swag-tail shades as well.

They are flat when lowered except for the bottom rounded folds and 'ears'.  When the slouch roman shade is raised the bottom continues to gather soft folds at the bottom.  Less-tailored than some roman shade styles, their more whimsical look is ideal for bedrooms, kitchens and baths.

This roman shade is a not a tailored shade and takes some dressing or fixing after raising and lowering. The slouch roman shade is a relaxed style shade and should be fabricated with medium to light weight fabrics.

Outside mount is recommended, with the shades a few inches wider than the window, since slouch shades tend to 'hourglass' where the sides pull in toward the center of the window.  To use as a fixed top treatment, a short shade can be adjusted to height and tied off.

slouch roman shade nj kitchen

Standard Features

Fully lined - white or ivory
Inside or outside mount
Cord Lock lift system
Fabric covered mounting board

Custom slouch Roman shades in New Jersey

Optional Features

Blackout lining
Attached valances
End caplets (flaps) on outside mount to cover hardware
Vertical banding
Bottom trim (tassels, beads)

Custom Slouch Roman Shade Example Prices

Example slouch Roman shade costs for a 32" x 60" window.  All standard features.  Mounted outside the window frame. The price varies with the type of face fabric.  Here are three recent patterns from Carole Fabrics:


Roman shade fabric Carole Cavalcade royal

An easy blue in a brush stroked pattern: Cavalcade color Royal.  Light filtering and a medium weight.  Slouch shade cost: $561.


Roman shade price with fabric by Carole Fabrics

Great in a kitchen or alcove.  A floral pattern: Dusty Hues color Vintage Red.  Mid weight, warm or cool based on the lining.  Slouch shade price: $305.


roman shade cost in NJ with patterned fabric

Coral pattern in a contemporary neutral palette. Great for a modern bathroom or beach-side bedroom.  Ocean Depth color Platinum.  Shade cost: $344

Slouch Roman Shades - Additional Examples

slouch roman shade vertical banding new jersey

Vertical Banding

An outside mounted slouch shade with a contrasting vertical band.  The banding adds vertical strength and a more structured look.

Custom slouch roman shade with bead trim in New Jersey

Beaded Trim

A slouch Roman mounted outside the window trim.  A beaded fringe along the bottom edge catches the sunlight and softens the fabric edge.

inside mount slouch roman shades custom made in NJ

Inside Mount

Mounted inside a stepped window casing, this dog-ear shade escapes the light flare from the hourglass effect.