Dining Table Refinishing Cost

How Much Does it Cost to Refinish A Dining Table in NJ

People call to learn about the cost to rework the finish on their tables.  Some have gone to our Price Guide, but are not sure about how their tables fit in.

The guide shows these categories:

  • Dining Table 36" x 48" (let's call it small)
  • Dining Table 42" x 60" (let's call it medium)
  • Dining Table 48" x 72" (let's call it large)

Some example projects with pictures may help you get more informed about refinishing your dining table.

Dining Table Average Refinishing Cost

Below are the details of four projects in several sizes and styles.  Here is the summary:

  1. Large size draw top extension table : $1080
  2. Medium size pedestal base extending table: $920
  3. Large size provincial extension table: $1180
  4. Medium size draw top table trestle base table: $980

Bottom line: average refinishing cost of $990 for medium / large dining tables.

Example projects

Here are four tables we re-worked for folks in the NJ area.

refinished dining table moorestown nj

Draw Top - Moorestown NJ

A three layer European draw top table in Moorestown, NJ.  A large table at 48 x 72 - and then a little.  Refinishing cost: $1,080

refinished french table mullica hill nj

Provincial - Mullica Hill NJ

French provincial extension table in Mullica Hill.  Large sized at 45 x 80.  Refinishing price: $ 980.

dining table refinished pedricktown nj

Pedestal Base - Pedricktown NJ

A campaign style extension table in Pedricktown, NJ.  At 42 x 60, it is a medium table.  Refinishing cost: $920

table refinished haddonfield nj

Trestle Base - Haddonfield NJ

Birch draw top with a trestle base.  At 42 x 60 it is a medium table with a complicated base.  Refinishing cost: $980

The size of your table does effect the refinishing cost.  Other details such as carving, base and leg design, and the desired end finish also play a role in the final prices.  These example projects and our Price Guide can help you plan your furniture project.

Other Dining Table Refinishing Prices

Large round dining table refinished Moorestown NJ

Large Round Inlaid Table - Moorestown NJ

This Italian-made round table is 7 feet in diameter.  84 inches.  The border stain is darker than the center, which has an inlaid pattern.  Moving and handling this table was a considerable part of the project.  The original finish was soft and hazy.  The cost to refinish was $1680.

Stickley oak dining table refinished Moorestown NJ

Stickley Oak Dining Table Refinished - Moorestown NJ

The original finish on this 84" x 42" oak table had worn through on the edges and developed some large water spots.  More than an inch thick, it is heavy!  The white oak grain has a pleasing pattern that held an accent stain nicely.  The cost to refinish (with two extension leaves) was $1080.

If you have additional questions or want to get into the specifics about your table: