Flat Roman Shades - Haddonfield NJ

Replacing Flat Roman Shades - Haddonfield NJ

Revamping this sun room in Haddonfield, NJ gave the room a fresh, bright feel.  New trim and windows updated the budget millwork from a long ago makeover.  Crisp paint extended the face lift.


When the paint dried, the couple re-hung some Roman shades that were made for the old windows.  And something was not right.  What had been OK before seemed lackluster now.

Several issues stood out.  The side hems were wavy.  The mounting board showed.  The shades hung over the bottom sill. 

The biggest problem was the gap between the shade and the side window casings.  Lots of glaring light.  Less privacy.


We measured the windows - twice.  The trim carpenters had everything nicely square.  At 35" by 59", the end windows were a bit more narrow.

The style specifications and wishes led to a discussion about hardware options (read about it here).

The face and lining fabrics were both sheer.  And provided by an interior designer - so we can't list the fabric price.

The style here is a flat Roman shade with an attached valance in the same fabrics.

The Price?

Providing the 8 flat Roman shades in two sizes in customer's-own fabric cost $2704.  Installation included. 

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