Office and Commercial Furniture Upholstery NJ

Upholstery and upholstery replacement service for offices, businesses, institutions and organizations in the Philadelphia Metro area including Southern New Jersey, Delaware and northern Maryland

Student Reception Area Seating

Student Reception Area Seating

Sturdy Upholstery Fabrics

Sturdy Upholstery Fabrics

New Commercial Upholstery

New Commercial Upholstery

Re-covering is an Option

The chairs and seating in lobby and reception areas, waiting rooms and lounge areas eventually gets worn beyond simple cleaning.  While some common area office furniture is meant to be replaced rather than refurbished, re-upholstering business and institutional seating can be more affordable than replacement. 

Reupholstery can also be a way to update the image presented by your office furniture without changing the entire setting.  From office chairs to guest seating and lounge chairs to restaurant booths, re-upholstery can keep your business furniture working for you.

Robust and Stylish Fabric

One trend by medical and assisted living facilities as well as recreation centers and hospitality suites has been to soften their appearance. By utilizing fabric patterns and colors associated with residential settings, they project a more comfortable impression. 

Law offices, banks, country clubs and churches still seem to favor more subdued fabrics.  High performance, durable, stain repellent fabrics are available for a cheerful recreation center through to a traditional law office.  Woven fabric, textured vinyl, puncture resistant vinyl - even fabric laminating.

Recent Commercial Projects

Reupholstering is an easy decision where the furniture or fixtures were custom made or integral to the architectural fit-out of the workspace.  Examples would be built-in bench seating and booths.  Less obvious are seating units with joined multiple seats in configurations that have been selected (or made) specifically for the layout of the room. 

In a remodeling situation, reupholstering affords flexibility with fabric that may coordinate with the other design elements more suitably.  And allows for some unique treatments - such as using multiple fabrics on a single piece or contrasting piping - that can extend design and identity themes.

Re-Upholstery Service Tailored for Smaller Enterprises

Big offices and large facilities have large service companies perform their upholstery and interior design needs.  Smaller operations had to search around for a local upholsterer that happened to do "commercial upholstery."  Sort of a sideline, or an after-thought. 

The Office Upholstery at J H Conklin & Co is designed to provide corporate level upholstery services to smaller businesses, institutions, affiliates, groups and branch offices.

It should take you ten minutes or so to browse the essential information here.  Contact us with any questions or to discuss your details.


church kneeler pads upholstered nj
  • Assisted living
  • Church
  • Law office
  • Country club
  • Medical office
  • Recreation center
  • Business office
  • Hospitality suite
  • Restaurant
  • Bank
  • Salon, Spa, Hairdresser
  • Hotel / Nightclub
  • Fitness Club
  • Physical Therapy Clinic

Furniture Type

Guest chair upholstery
  • Reception area
  • Waiting room chairs
  • Conference room chairs
  • Lobby seating
  • Office furniture
  • Foyer furniture
  • Lounge area
  • Guest chairs
  • Booths and banquettes
  • Office Chairs
  • Conference room
  • Medical equipment
  • Gym pads
  • Exam Therapy Tables


Reception seating upholstery
  • Bradley Funeral Home
  • Rowan University
  • Bryn Mawr College
  • Broomall Pediatrics
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Center for Diagnostic Imaging
  • Our Lady of Lourdes Parish
  • Spice Salon
  • Subaru of Cherry Hill
  • Lourdes Physical Therapy
  • Upper Gwynedd Dental Arts
  • Jefferson University Physician Assoc
  • Diversified Millwork/Borgata
  • Lourdes Health Care

Re-Upholster vs New

Getting It Done

Pedicure Station Recovered

Pedicure Station Recovered

You have some careworn chairs or other seating - maybe outdated bench seating cushions or lounge chairs.  You can get the replacement cost rather easily.  But what about the reupholstery cost?  Two ways to get started: call us at 800-889-8858 -  we'll ask you some questions, discuss application and fabric and get the numbers to you.  Or get more specific with an Upholstery Quote...

Commercial Upholstery Quote

1) Take a photo of your furniture

Grab your cell phone or camera and take a photo diagonally across the furniture.  Frame the picture so it indicates the length, height and depth of the furniture (like the one above).  Take more than one if you want to highlight any details.

2) Email us the photo and details

Open your favorite email program and start a message to us.  Our email address is:  Or click on the little envelope over there to do it automatically.  Write a brief overview of what you are interested to do with your furniture.  Give a few details such as quantities, intended use, and any special conditions you want considered.  Attach the picture(s) you took to the email.  Or just paste them right in.   Send us the email.

3) Look for our answer!

We will respond to your email quickly - usually within the same day or less.  Please note that reupholstery estimates will be for the labor portion only since the fabric will be undetermined.  We can give you a thumbnail of the fabric cost and yardage.

reupholstered waiting area chairs nj

reupholstered waiting area chairs nj

Any remodeling work in a busy setting presents some challenges.  A few ways we can structure and schedule re-upholstering your furniture may make it easier.

Scheduled Down Time

If you are doing other office renovation work such as painting, carpets, new partitions, etc and have planned to close during the construction, we can pick up the furnishings at the beginning and return them at the end of the construction.


Dividing the furniture into smaller groups that still allow your facility to function is a tactic often used for common area furnishings or larger quantities.  We pick up the first group, return them and take away the next group in a series until all the furniture is complete.

Off Hours Turnaround

Smaller sized facilities can't just call the property department and have temporary seating wheeled in while the main seating is being recovered.  What to do?  Rent some chairs? 

If you want to collaborate a little - here's how we can help.


  • Get the details ironed out: costs, fabric, counts
  • Before the fabric ships we come get one sample of each type to be reupholstered (for patterns)
  • When the fabric arrives, we cut and sew everything
  • Schedule to pick up and work all the pieces when you are closed
  • Deliver them before you next open

Commercial Contract Upholstery New Jersey

Booth / Banquette Upholstery Quote

Booth Upholstery Contract Shop NJ

Upholstered Booths New Jersey

Commercial contract upholstery for architects, contractors, commercial woodworking companies and interior designers.

Booths, banquettes, built-ins and other upholstered fixtures for commercial and institutional settings in the southern New Jersey area. 

New work contract upholstery from drawings through mock-up to production.  Quotes for upholstery from pre-bid construction estimates or realized construction drawings.  Upholstery fabrication and production to end-users, designers, contractors and millwork subcontractors.


Restaurant and Hospitality Seating

One of the groupings of bar and table seating reupholstered at Le Meridien hotel in Philadelphia.

Done in increments to avoid any downtime in the facility.

The project in collaboration with Vaughan Benz, OEM.


Country Club Seating

Banquet and guest seating re-upholstered as part of the clubhouse renovation at the Rolling Green Country Club in Springfield, PA.

Chair frames repaired and finished before applying the new fabric.

Furniture refurbishment project in collaboration with the H. Chambers Company.


Leather and Fabric Wall Panels

The makeover of the banquet room at Villari's Lakeside Restaurant in Sicklerville, NJ featured these tufted wall panels. 

Upholstered in both fabric and leather, they softened the room, adding elegance and sound dampening to the room.


Our general service area includes: Gloucester County, Camden County, Burlington County, Cape May County, Atlantic County, Cumberland County, Salem County, New Castle County, Delaware County, Philadelphia County, Chester County.