Custom London Roman Shades Made for your NJ Home

The London roman shade is similar to a slouch shade with 2 vertical pleats that create a “tail” on each side.  The pleats are 6 to 8 inches in from the edges of the shade, providing fullness and creating a swooping center 'pouf' or smile.  Like a slouch shade, the London creates a more casual, somewhat whimsical feel, and is perfect for bedrooms, kitchens and baths.

Also known as a butterfly, or tulip or Venice or swag tail or box-pleated dog-ear Roman shade.  Whew, lots of names for one shade style!

london roman shade kitchen nj
london shade plain nj

While structured,  this roman shade is a not a tailored shade and takes some dressing or fixing after raising and lowering.  Keep in mind that dressing a London roman shade can be a little time consuming, so it’s best used in places where it won’t be raised/lowered daily.  This makes the London shade a good choice for a more decorative accent, rather than a light or privacy controlling window treatment.

 The London roman shade is a relaxed style shade and should be fabricated with medium weight fabrics.  Heavier weight fabrics create an extra full appearance.

Outside mount is recommended, with the shades a few inches wider than the window, since London shades tend to 'hourglass' where the sides pull in toward the center of the window.  To use as a fixed top treatment, a short shade can be adjusted to height and tied off.

venice soft shade nj

Standard Features

  • Fully lined - white or ivory
  • Inside or outside mount
  • Cord Lock lift system
  • Fabric covered mounting board

Optional Features

  • Blackout lining
  • Attached valances
  • Vertical banding
  • Bottom trim (tassels, beads)

Custom London Shades Example Costs

Example London Roman shade prices for a 32" x 60" window.  All standard features.  Mounted outside the window frame. The price varies with the type of face fabric.  Here are three recent patterns from Kasmir Fabrics:


kasmir summergrove purple

Whimsical medium scale floral pattern Summergrove color purple.  Lighter weight, with lots of lumens. Great for a guest bedroom or powder room.


kasmir roman shade fabric s130 sienna

Large scale vine pattern with embroidered details S130 color sienna.  Medium weight, light filtering fabric at home in a sunroom or family area.


kasmir roman shade fabric sigourney indigo

Small scale paisley pattern Sigourney color indigo.  Middle weight and light filtering.  At home in a living room or a kitchen!

London Roman Shades - Examples and Variations

London shade contrast pleat and beads nj

A contrasting or coordinating fabric inside the pleated area adds visual interest.  Beaded fringe along the bottom catches the light.

custom london shade with bottom fringe nj

Mounted inside the window frame on a narrow window.  With petite ball fringe along the bottom edge - some sculpture for a powder room.

custom london shade edge banding nj

Bright fresh color.  With accent banding on the outside edges and along the bottom.  A crisp transition from wall to window.