Custom Hobbled Roman Shades Made for your New Jersey Home

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Some people consider the hobbled Roman shade to be the "classic" Roman shade.  It is also known as a waterfall or a cascade Roman shade.

Hobbled Roman shades have excess fabric between each pleat to keep folds in the fabric even when fully extended.  The folds remain in place creating a soft ripple effect.

The shadows from the folds create a more strongly horizontal effect than front fold shades.  The 2" folds also give more dimension to the shade.

Standard hobbled Roman shade for New Jersey homes

Standard Features

  • Fully lined - white or ivory
  • Inside or outside mount
  • Cord Lock lift system
  • 2" deep folds
  • Fabric covered mounting board
Inside mounted hobbled Roman shades NJ

Common Options

  • Blackout lining
  • Attached valances
  • End caplets (flaps) on outside mount
  • Banding
  • Bottom trim

Fabrics well-suited for hobbled shades are solids, jacquards, vertical stripes, randoms and floral patterns.  Less well are regular patterns, toile and large scale patterns.

Custom Hobbled Roman Shade Example Prices

Example hobbled Roman shade costs for a 32" x 60" window.  All standard features.  Mounted inside the window frame. The price varies with the type of face fabric.  Here are three new patterns from Carole Fabrics:


Carole Drifter Tangerine fabric.

Pattern: Drifter, color Tangerine.  Tight muslin weave with crewel style raised embroidery.  Light filtering with some pattern.  Shade cost: $366


Carole Norbert Smoke fabric

Pattern: Norbert, color Smoke.  Mid weight tight linen weave.  Crisp hand to create smooth folds for a clean look.  Shade cost: $425


Carole Stolen Moments Wine fabric

Pattern: Stolen Moments, color Wine.  Soft jacquard in a soft palette with some sheen on the highlights.  Drapes well.  Shade cost: $517

Hobbled Roman Shades - Additional Examples

Outside mount hobbled shade

Outside Mount

Hobbled shade mounted outside the window casings.  With a regular pattern fabric and a separate cornice board header.

Hobbled shade with attached valance

Attached Valance

Inside mount shade with blackout lining and an attached valance.  Velvet type fabric for full folds.

Hobbled shade with vertical banding

Vertical Banding

Inside mount hobbled shade in a jacquard pattern with a vertical stripe.  Coordinating side banding adds a vertical emphasis.

Banded hobbled Roman shades New Jersey

Another example of banding on hobbled Roman shades.  Here the banding is on the very edge of the shade rather than inset.  Standard lining allows filtered illumination.