Custom Front Fold Roman Shades Made For Your New Jersey Home

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Front fold Roman shades hang flat when fully extended - featuring the fabric.  They differ from flat Roman shades.  Stiffening rods are sewn at regular intervals across the face side of the shade.   The rods encourage the fabric to fold evenly giving a neatly stacked look when raised with less hand dressing.

The stiffener pockets add dimension and a horizontal element drawing your eye around the room.  The shades seem to widen the windows.

Standard Features

Common Optional Features

  • Blackout lining
  • Attached front valance
  • Bottom trim
  • Vertical banding

Front Fold Roman Shade - Example Prices

Example relaxed roman shade costs for a 32" x 65" window.  All standard features.  Mounted inside the window frame. The price varies with the type of face fabric.  Here are three recent patterns:


Pattern Jungle Safari color Breeze by Kasmir.  Shade cost $375 installed.


Pattern Bentridge color Flaxseed by Kasmir.  Shade cost $420 installed.


Pattern Kilkenny color Hazelnut by Kasmir.  Shade cost $435 installed.

Front Fold Roman Shades - Additional Examples

Front fold roman shade NJ valance

Mounted outside the window frame and under a valance.  The neutral textured fabric adds weight to the room.

Front Fold Roman shade floral fabric

Mounted inside the window frame.   Intentionally short in a very tall window.  Sheer fabric filtering the light

Front fold roman shade NJ cornice

Mounted outside the window casing under a cornice.  Blackout lining keeps this light canvas fabric from washing-out in strong sun.

Front Fold Roman Shades - Projects in New Jersey Neighborhoods

Bay window with front fold Roman shades in a Camden County kitchen.  Ivory lining fabric keeps a warm light.  See more about this window treatment project.

Front fold Roman shade in a semi-sheer pussy-willow fabric.  Mounted over a double-wide sliding window in a New Jersey family room.  A lighted mural by day!