Custom Flat Roman Soft Shades Made for Your New Jersey Home

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Flat Roman soft shades feature a clean, simple look.  A flat shade hangs flat when lowered and falls into pleats when raised.   It has a very tailored look and is a good choice to show off a fabric pattern.  Suitable for traditional, casual and minimalist themes, flat Romans allow the fabric to set the mood.

They can be mounted inside or outside the window casings.  They are most commonly mounted inside the casings, allowing the millwork to show at all times and to create the greatest privacy.

Medium weight fabrics work well.  Lighter fabrics and sheers are also used, but require a bit more hand dressing to stack nicely.

Standard Flat Roman Features

  • Lined in standard white or ivory
  • Weighted bottom bar
  • Cords with locking pulley and cleat (Cordlock)
  • All sewn hems
  • Inside or outside mount

Typical Flat Roman Options

  • Front Valance
  • Vertical or horizontal banding
  • Alternate linings (blackout, interlining)
  • Rollease or cordless operating mechanisms
  • Bottom tassels or button

Flat Roman Shades - Example Price

Example flat roman shade costs for a 32" x 65" window.  All standard features.  The price varies with the type of face fabric.  Here are three popular patterns.


Pirouette color Cashew by Kasmir Fabrics.  Linen textured neutral.
Cost: $345


Downing Grove color Garden by Kasmir Fabrics.  A pattern with movement.
Cost: $465


Breathless color Brushed Gold by Kasmir Fabrics.  Semi-sheer with vertical influence.  Cost: $330


Flat Roman Shade Examples

Shown with vertical banding.  Mounted outside the window casing, behind a cornice board top treatment.

Here with vertical banding and a decorative center tassel.  Topped with an outside mount valance.

Flat Roman Shades - Installed Projects

Flat Roman shades in Haddonfield, NJ

Flat Roman shade with attached valance in Mullica Hill NJ

Flat Roman shade with attached valance in Mullica Hill NJ

Flat Roman shades in a Haddonfield, NJ sun porch.  Sheer face fabric and a sheer lining keep the bright illumination while cutting glare.

Attached front valances add some weight to the top and help hide the operating hardware with such sheer fabric.  Narrow headrails and an inside mount keep the shades tight to the window frames, giving privacy with the shades fully lowered.

The lightweight fabric requires some hand dressing when raising or lowering - a trade-off for keeping a bright room.

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Flat Roman shades in a Mullica Hill, NJ living room.  Mixed fabrics fulfill the window treatment design goals.

Mounted inside the window casings to show off the traditional millwork.

Longer opaque valances shorten the tall feel of the windows.  The random pattern offsets the strong rectangular lines in the room.

Vertically striped body fabric keeps the vertical emphasis on the exposed windows.  The lined sheer fabric maintains illumination while giving privacy when needed.

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Flat Roman soft shades to grace your windows from the quality workrooms at Kasmir, Carole Fabrics and Robert Allen.  Serving southern New Jersey, Delaware and the Jersey shore areas.