Select Fabrics from Home ... Collaborate

Narrowing down to the right fabric can seem daunting.  We've found a convenient way to make it easier. 

This is a free service to clients with pending upholstery or Roman shade projects!

 Fabric Color Palette

Fabric Color Palette

By phone or email give us some basic ideas about your project - for example: the colors you have in mind, the colors already in the room, the type of pattern. 

Maybe you've bookmarked some examples on the web - send them to us.  Perhaps you are working from a palette or paint and carpet samples - snap a photo of it and send it. 

Let Us Research Fabrics for You

We know our fabric resources and can spin through them making some initial selections based upon what we think might be suitable.

If your fabric ideas are rather specific - like "soft blue velvets and textures" - we'll start mailing you some samples right away.  And wait for your feedback to get more exact if needed.

Virtual Fabric Selections

If your fabric ideas are more exploratory - like "neutrals, but no large patterns" - we can help you narrow down to the right fabric without flooding you with samples.

We will email you a link to a file sharing tool with the online fabrics from our vendors that we found for you.  or send you an email with suitable fabric links for you to preview.

  Virtual fabric selection.

Virtual fabric selection.

The link opens in your web browser.  It looks like the picture.  Look for the orange dot and click it.  A slideshow will open.  Use the white arrows to scroll through the pictures.  If you go in one direction, the next time you see orange- you're done!  The pictures are actually links to fabric pages - so if you want to get a closer look, just click the picture in the slideshow.  Go ahead, try a sample by clicking on the picture below.  Ignore the "sign up" banner - it isn't needed.  If the sharing thing doesn't work on your device, let us know and we can send you a flat file list.

From this initial list, you may see a few that are more suitable than others.  Or that our idea of 'green' was too green.  Tell us.  With that feedback, we can get very specific with our research and send you a refined list.  From that, you may see several that you are interested to check out further.

This is the cool part.  Let us know what those fabrics are and we will have samples sent to you.

Fabric Sample Books Are An Option

Of course, we can always bring traditional fabric sample books for you to page through should you prefer. But folks have been telling us this mixture of virtual and actual is very convenient.  The file link is easy to share with others so you can collaborate and gather a consensus without calling a meeting.

Selecting Upholstery Fabric: Some Design Tips

Searching for advice about choosing furniture fabric can be frustrating.  Many of the more popular articles get into discussions about "viscose" and "polyester" and "natural fiber blends" and "colorfastness".  You know, the technical issues - mostly the durability issues.  And they do matter. 

But you can't see them and you will live with them only indirectly. 

We like to focus on color, pattern, texture and suitability for your furniture first - the stuff you will live with.  Then answer the durability issue. 

Below are some articles that touch on fabric contents (a little), but open out into suitability, design, color and pattern.  Enjoy!  #NJupholstery

A nice overview by the folks at Spruce Upholstery showing design considerations with upholstery fabric for several common types of upholstered furniture.

Tip: Choosing A Fabric for Upholstery

Here is a short series by Aimee Swikit of Artisan Upholstery Studio about Choosing Fabric for your Upholstery Project.